Christmas Presents for the Pad - From The Oak Tree

What do you buy people who have everything? Something for their house of course. With these unique ideas there will definitely be something that they don’t have – and maybe didn’t know they needed until now!

Here are my top 5 presents for their pad.

  • A swing. Now – that’s not where you thought this guide was going is it? A garden swing is totally not just for the little ones! One of our amazing rope swings or garden swings hanging from a large tree or frame is the most unusual and inspired gift! Remember that feeling of flying through the air, completely free? Heaven – and why should the kids get all of the fun?!
  • A welly boot rack. Allow the mud to stay outside where it belongs with this welly storage. Whether you choose a small rack just for a couple, or a larger one for the whole family, the wellies are stored upside down, allowing them to dry off and stay fresh. Well, as fresh as wellies can be expected to be! Personalise them with the family name for an extra thoughtful touch.



  • A dog bowl. As important as children, if the family has everything then buy for the dog! These gorgeous oak dog bowls come with removable stainless-steel inserts which are super easy to clean and can be personalised with the dog’s name, favourite treat or one of our pre-made options of “top dog” or “dog’s dinner”. These are available in single or double, so you can be sure that their family pet’s food is no longer uglying up the house!
  • A multi-device charging block. Solve the “where’s my tablet?” drama once and for all. And while you’re at it you can fix the fact that the battery is always about to cark when they need it! A charging and storage block for the whole family, means that all of their devices are kept together, they can ALL charge at the same time, and it looks blinking beautiful!



  • A chopping board. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it??!! I promise you it’s perfect! These are the mothers of all boards. They’re lovingly handcrafted, as are all our products, from beautiful sustainable European Oak. They come in TEN sizes, ranging from mini which perfect for herbs, cheese and fruits (super important for Christmas cocktails), to really, REALLY huge carving boards fit for the most delicious turkey. AND you can personalise them however you choose. There are loads of ideas to choose from if you’re stuck for inspiration.

I hope that gives you some exciting and unusual ideas! Look out for the other three gift guides in the series – gifts for ladies, men and children.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products then please head on over to the contact page and I’d love to help.



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