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Christmas Gifts for the Girls - From the Oak Tree

I genuinely (as usual!) have NO idea where this year has gone. As always, I intended to have all of my Christmas shopping done, and wrapped by July, so I could ease into this season with wine and peace!

Have I heck as like??  I’m now in a calm-looking panic about when the hell I’m going to fit it all in and what I can possibly buy for Great Aunt Pru this year!

I thought that it can’t just be me! I spoke to our customers – and yep – it turns out that we’re all pretty much the same. So, I’ve put together some gift guides to save all of you wonderful people, with great intentions from the drama that needn’t be!

Today it’s the ladies turn – so here are my top 5 gifts for the girls.

  • A chopping board. Sounds sexy (& sexist!) doesn’t it??!! I promise you it’s perfect! These are the mothers of all boards. They’re lovingly handcrafted, as are all our products, from beautiful European Oak. They come in TEN sizes, ranging from mini which perfect for herbs, cheese and fruits (super important for Christmas cocktails), to really, REALLY huge carving boards fit for the most delicious turkey. AND you can personalise them however you choose. There’s a heap of ideas on the site.


personalised wooden chopping board


  • A bits and bobs bowl. Does she wear the same bits of jewellery every day? Take them off at night, or for a bath? Give her the perfect place to pop her bobbles and bracelets. This beautiful bowl can be engraved with her name, a special date, or a short message from the kids.
  • A tablet charging block. I know it’s definitely not just me that hates having leads out everywhere! I also detest putting them away as then I have to waste those annoying few minutes untangling the magic knots that appear in the cables. A tablet charging block is the most ingenious solution. It looks fab, the wires hide underneath and you can use it for your iPads, tablets, phones or Kindles. It’s also a perfect stand for your tablet. One of the things I use it for the most is holding my tablet while I’m following a recipe on it in the kitchen. I don’t have to keep a million cookery books anymore! You can even get a smaller one for your phone.
  • A G&T board. This really is a dream present. Pair it with a bottle of gorgeous gin and you’re winning this Christmas. It’s the perfect size for slicing your lemons and looks beautiful on the worktop. If you didn’t jump on the gin craze and still prefer vodka and lime, it’s not a problem! Choose your engraving and match it with the perfect bottle.
  • A salt and pepper pinch pot. Chuck out the shakers and bin the grinders. There’s a better way! Perfect for food lovers and enthusiastic chefs, these salt and pepper pinch pots mean that your food will be perfectly seasoned. Plus, you’ll feel like a MasterChef contestant in the process!


salt and pepper gift


I hope that gives you some inspiration! Look out for the other three in the gift guide series – gifts for men, children and the home!

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products then please head on over to the contact page and I’d love to help.


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