Wonderfully Wooden Gift Ideas for the Children

Shop small, shop independent, shop local are all familiar words of Christmas 2020 but when it comes to those gorgeous children of ours and their gifts from Santa its so easy to just reach for the Argos catalogue, tap tap on amazon or head to the larger toy shops to invest in annoying, breakable, loud and often plastic toys!

I've noted all of my favourite solid oak goodies that are just perfect for those  children in your life enabling you to buy sustainable gifts, cutting down on the plastic and in turn saving the planet and gifting a solid solid and beautiful present  that will be around for many years to come.

Here are my top Christmas picks for the little (and not so little) family members:

Oak Christmas Plate
  • Christmas Board: Let' start with my most favourite oak Christmas product. It wouldn't be Christmas without a mince pie and glass of port or milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph on Christmas eve. The Christmas eve / Mince pie board is our very own take on the Christmas eve rage! It's a beautiful solid oak board that can be personalised with your child's name or simply stick with the question Naughty or Nice,? Piled high with mince pies or Christmas morsals it really will look the "Reindeers Doohdah's" and you will most certainly be the flavour of the month

  • Book Ends: I remember receiving some book ends as a child and I treasured them so much. These solid, heavy bookends will hold their books upright on a windowsill or shelf and just like a good story will last a lifetime. Personalised them with their name, initials or a quote and wrap them up, together with a really good book for the most perfect and complete present.
  •  A Personalised Swing: Nothing reminds me of my childhood more than soaring through the air on a swing. That giddy feeling that used to hit my tummy on the downward motion still makes me smile and the nagging I used to do to "push me higher, higher, no even higher" takes me right back! Our oak garden swings are just gorgeous and I promise you the children will agree. Personalised with their name or a special motivational quote you will be sure to get them enjoy the outdoor air come rain or snow this winter.

  • A dippy egg board. Are you a top slicer or a tap tap tapper? However you choose to eat yours I'm sure that the children in your life are following suit and if they think boiled eggs are eggcellent then they will love having their egg safe and up right and arranging their soldiers ready for ultimate dipping on their special oak dippy egg board! Personalise with their name to make them feel egg-stra special!
  • Tablet Charging Block For Teens and Tweens what better present than something to charge their tablet or phone.  Whether they have their devices in their bedrooms or not you will both be thrilled to have somewhere personal to put it where the wires are hidden away and tangle free.  The device block is a great stand too enabling them to watch films hands free, listen to music with out vibration, tik-tok or participate in a zoom or google classroom whilst multi tasking.   


    Presents for the young people in your life needn’t be things that will only last a few months. be the ultimate present giver with all of these gorgeous oak goodies that can be passed down to their on children.   Imagine being part of that legacy!

    As always, if you have any questions about any of our products then please head on over to the contact page and I’d love to help or email me at or call me on 01664 650075 x

    Love Charlotte xx


    Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

    Shopping for Sam is the worst! I genuinely have the loveliest intentions every year to get him the perfect present... then I start looking and I really struggle. I really think men are the most impossible to buy for - even though they would totally disagree.

    So, if you have a man knocking around, and are stuck for solutions, then let me help you out with my five great gifts for guys.

    • A bits and bobs bowl Where are the keys?  That question is the bane of my life!  Give them a designated drop off spot, along with the other paraphernalia that he drags out of his pockets; coins, mints, phone, receipts, golf teas and screws! Personalise it however you wish or use one of our favourite engravings.
    • A tablet charging block. This is such a brilliant invention. A chunky oak iPad or tablet stand with his name on it. A great place to charge his iPad, with hole underneath for the cable. It looks cool by the bed, on his dask or in the kitchen and hell never misplace his iPad agin! (yeah right!!)

    • A welly boot rack. Keep the mud outside where it belongs with this welly storage. Whether you choose a small rack just for him or a larger one for the whole family, the wellies are stored upside down, allowing them to dry off and stay fresh. Well, as fresh as wellies can be expected to be
    • A shot glass tray. The best on the market by far! This solid oak shot glass tray is the most beautiful piece of kit. With glasses included and the practicality of being able to hold it from both ends, this is a serious investment piece. Perfect for après ski or dinner parties when we allowed to celebrate during normal life and great for shoot parties too.  Personalise it with a memorable occasion and present it with a bottle of spirit to celebrate
    • A bottle Opener. These I s such a simple designate such useful one too.   They look incredible on the wall, next to the fridge or outside by the Bbq area. choose from BEER , OPEN HERE or choose your won personalisation for a real special and unique gift! 

    I hope that this gift edit helps you and gives you some gift inspiration when buying for those cheeky chaps in your life. Head to the Home Bar Collection before you head off elsewhere!! 

    As always, if you have any questions about any of our products then please head on over to the contact page and I’d love to help.



    Shop Small & Shop Independent at these Christmas Virtual Fairs

    Shopping small and Independent is such a great thing to do. There are so many unique & individually sourced clothes, gifts and home accessorise out there but its just finding out where! 
    That's where the virtual events come in! They work hard to get exciting small brands to feature with them and they tell many, many people about their offers. Some also raise money for charity.
    In my bid to get as many people shopping small I thought I would make life easy as possible for you and I have listed the fairs in this news post.  Please see below for all the links and my offers:
    The Online Christmas Fair that continues until the end of December ( each participating brand will be using the code OCF2020) but all have different offers.  
    This is unique with it's own hotline number 07432154924 for people who are not as of-fait with online shopping.
    The Early Early Christmas fair uses the code EECF20. This will continue through to the end of January and each participant will be donating 20% of their sales made with this code to the Soldiers Charity.
    By Beautiful Brands  This will be held on the 3rd-4th November. You need to sign up on their website to shop and to receive the unique code. 
    Swishmas: run by Swish for it. 1st-18th Nov'. use the code SWISHMAS
    At Home with Country Living: 6-8th November Sign up via their site to receive the participating brands list 
    The Wonderlist Secret Sale event -15th-17th November Sign up in link to receive the sale list.
    Daisy Trust Fair 30th Nov-1st Donation of £5 on the day on their site for an exclusive shopping list/
    Red Shops at Christmas 4th-6th December- Sign up and receive an online event  and all the businesses taking part and their discount codes. 

    Shop Small, Shop Independent.

    With the biggest shopping season of the year nearly upon us I think it’s really important to address our own shopping habits. 

    This year I have made a pledge to myself to shop small, shop independent and shop local when I can.

    There are so many reasons to do this! By supporting independents you are supporting entrepreneurs who work tirelessly around the clock to keep the costs of their products down and their energies in creating something a little different. Small business owners don't have massive advertising budgets and wear so many hats that larger brands would employ numerous people to do. When you shop with a small brand you are not just a number. Along side making their products they maintain a personal and friendly serviced it really is true what they say:  many small business owners actually do a little happy dance every time they make a sale.

    By supporting your local shops and stores you are supporting the community. Online store owners and bricks and mortar shop owners spend the money they make on your purchase to put their child through ballet lessons or on their child’s rugby sub’s.

    I urge you to have a go at shopping small and independent.  With so many wonderful Indi brands now online it is now a perfect climate for shopping alternatively ou can purchase from your local small independent stores on the phone and via social media. Give it a go. I can honestly say you’ll get a buzz from knowing how much good you are doing!

    Please do take a look at our online store for any gifts you may be buying and don’t forget I’m here to answer any questions you may have.


    My Favourite Oak Gift Products!

    I have so many favourite products right now but I decided it important to narrow them down and pick just six. I have selected a small selection of oak gifts that may well be considered as perfect presents for your loved ones. With so many amazing new brands and small indie businesses out there and the most wonderful array of hand finished personalised gifts and products for you to choose from I thought it would help if I took some of the pain out of trailing through reviews and time figuring out the things would make the best gifts for you.


    So here goes:

    The Bits & Bobs Bowl 

    Oak Bowl

    Simply my favourite product of all time just because it emulates an oak tree. You can almost count the rings in the bowl and the grain shows through so beautifully. There are three sizes, Mini , Small and Large. They are are great for change, keys, trinkets, cufflinks, earrings and an all manner of bits and bobs! Engrave with a name or something witty. One of my favourite to date is "onandonandon" which made reference to the middle drawer in overtones house 


    The G&T Board

    This is one of our mot iconic oak gifts. Its super popular and every Gin and Tonic lover really needs one to cut their lemon, limes cumbers or any other delicious addition they need to make the prefect G&T.

    Egg Rack

    Oak Egg Rack

    Eggs are kept at their optimumm freshness at room temperature and this is such an attractive solution for any contemepory or country kitchen. If someone has their own hand then this is such a great way to store them and looks really great with a witty message and personalisation. Eggcellent I hear you say!


    Chopping Board 


    Our chopping boards are gorgeous, solid, long lasting and unique. An oak gift that will last a life time and look beautiful the whole time. Every kitchen needs a solid oak chopping board and these really add that little bit more personalised with dates, names and words to celebrate that special someone!


    Door Stop

    This beautiful solid oak door stop is made from natural Green oak and is a great example of a beautiful sustainable gift. Paired with a natural manila rope 

    This is a list of all of my favourite products this week - I am sure they will be different next week as they are all such gorgeous oak products I can never really decide for sure! 


    Check out our collections to decide what your favourite gifts and start creating your oak gift lists!

    The Kitchen Loving Dad: Gift ideas for Fathers day

    Does your dad like long lasting gifts that are that little bit different? We have some wonderful Fathers day gift ideas from a range of Oak kitchen gifts, Oak chopping boards and oak welly boot racks. All items can be engraved and personalised with your choice of words.Read more

    The Dirty faces From Behind The Oak Tree

    We are Charlotte and Sam and together we make up the partnership from Behind The Oak Tree. 

    We created the four most wonderfully crazy, gorgeous and pretty cheeky human beings and are living in the midst of a on-going, life long renovation project- and we love it!

    From The Oak Tree  has been such a great addition to our family lives. It brings so much joy to so many people.  I can't actually believe how our beautifully simple oak gifts look so bloomin' gorgeous once engraved, sanded and oiled. It makes me squeal with delight.  It's true what they say- small business owners do a little happy dance when they receive an order

    Read more

    It's A Family Affair!

    In 2015 Sam and I had a vision. We wanted to create something that we could work around our young family- something we could create together, Sam could produce and I could market and sell. From The Oak Tree was born through a simple vision, some very hard work, long hours and real elbow grease.  

    Our children were witnesses to this hard work and the whole process. Then 9,8,6 & 3 years old they accompanied us to meetings, slept in the truck at events, helped oil, stamp and handed out numerous leaflets! It became part of their normal life and our 5th baby.

    A couple of years ago when Claudia was 11 I noticed she had made a video on her shows me that our hardwork hasn't gone un-noticed. Our children really do believe in us and From the Oak Tree really is a family affair!!

    Please take a minute to watch her hard wok and really appreciate how little and cute they were!!! LOL

    Charlotte xxxx ( and Claudia xxx)

    Recipe For Jamie Oliver's Veggie Chilli


    Self Filling FireSelf Feeding FireOn 18th January 2019 I was featured on Channel 4, Jamie and Jimmies Friday Night Feast on the DIY build. The recipe for the vegetarian chilli was delicious and the feed back at CHARFEST was great- so I thought I'd Share....Divide the ingredients down as per the people you are feeding. This would be perfect in a hotpot or slow cooker if you don't fancy the self feeding fire build!

    Veggie chilli – (serves 25)

    3 onions
    6 garlic cloves
    2 leeks
    3 red peppers
    2 red chillies
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    3 tablespoons ground cumin
    3 tablespoons ground coriander
    3 tablespoons ground smoked paprika
    3 tablespoons dried oregano
    2 cinnamon sticks
    3 tablespoons tomato puree
    350g dried red lentils
    350g dried green lentils
    3x 400g tins red kidney beans
    3x 400g tins black beans
    3x 400g tins chopped tomatoes
    2 litres vegetable stock

    Peel and finely chop the onions and garlic, then trim and finely chop the leek, red pepper and chilli and place into your largest, heavy-based pan over a medium heat with the oil. Fry for about 5 minutes, or until softened. 

    Add the spices, dried herbs and tomato purée and cook for a further 2 minutes.

    Stir in the lentils and the beans, followed by the chopped tomatoes and the stock. Bring it all to the boil, then reduce to a low heat and let it bubble away for at least 1 hour (or until thickened and reduced) stirring every 15 to 20 minutes, then season.

    Serve scattered with coriander leaves, lime wedges, tortilla chips, guacamole and a dollop of soured cream on the side.

    Self Feeding Fire