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Dress (Your Board!) To Impress with these three simple ideas! 

So you've got a great bunch of family friends heading over to you and you want to serve up the most perfect grazing board. We have got you covered with our three grazing board ideas...but first you need a base.  Pick any type of board to suit the size of the crowd you are entertaining. For a small, intimate affair a small board (like this) would be perfect piled high with delicious goodies, however a much bigger guest list will be more suited to a larger board. (I think this one is a great size)

Take up the challenge of creating a delicious  board by decorating it with an array of all your favourite foodie items be them sweet and savoury. The platter is all the tastier with a mixture in my opinion!

Brunch Board 

Think, waffles, protein pancakes, muffins, croissants, toast and pastries then add your protein option such as boiled eggs, salami, sausages, bacon and ham crispy bacon, lastly add your fruit, strawberries, blueberries, banana, grapes (not my choice) and rasberries ( yummy) look really colourful and for the final touch  lastly add some delicious spreads- peanut butter, nutella, jam, butter and ketchup using some cute little bowls! 

Here you can see a beautiful sweet brunch board, my savoury rule went out the window and as you can imagine it was demolished in minutes served on an Oblong board!  

Cheese and Meat Board 

Possibly the type of buffet food we have been most accustomed to; meats and cheeses are popular on the continent but make really easy, light no cook platters for all ages. Loaded with cured meats, cheeses, seasonal produce and lots of sweet and savoury bite sized nibbles there will be something for everyone. Serve with a bottle of something really special for the perfect cheese ( meat) and wine evening! Use little bowls for the dips and condiments and slice the cheeses and meats and pile high amongst celery, cucumber, pepper & carrot battons. Pickeled onions, eggs and pickles are a great addition and boiled eggs and bread sticks work wonders too! My tummy is a rumbling! Our gorgeous oak table runners are an incredible size for a large meat and cheese grazing board like this...




Pudding Board 

Oh my goodness, even the thought of a pudding board makes me drool- a huge choice of delicious sweet fondants, cakes and goodies all served up in one place - what more could a girl need? Think mini pavlovas, doughnuts, fruit skewers, mini tarts, millionaire short bread, individual chocolate mouses, chocolate and salted caramel dips and a lovely array of berries and fruit for a real treat add salty pretzel,  pop corn  and salty caramel for the whole sweet/savoury thing!

There are so many options for small bites of all different flavours to suit all meals of the day and everyones individual tastes and dietary needs. Just follow the simple rule that each grazing board needs items of different sizes and shapes, sweet and savoury and  different colours. Serve on a board of your choice, use small bowls and provide napkins.

Viola...Enjoy and please tag me in your graze boards @fromtheoaktree

Love Charlotte xx

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