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Thankyou Your Majesty for the Memories. Part 1

Thankyou Your Majesty for the Memories. Part 1

I've been really quiet on here for a little while now.  Life kinda' got in the way but I feel like I must break my silence with a "little nutshell blog" dedicated to our wonderful Queen, HM Queen Elizabeth II. I am a royalist through and through and not only did I already know that she was the most amazing human being ever, the crowds at Westminster, Edinburgh, Windsor, Balmoral and Buckingham Palace were a testament to her legacy.

In the time of reflection since she passed I have thoroughly enjoyed the tales about Her Majesty; the happy memoirs from her staff and the smiles recalled by so many members of the public. She was part of so many wonderful memories so I decided to share my own with you...

I was fortunate enough to meet Queen Elizabeth on numerous occasions, not only at garden parties and Jubilee celebrations, but through my job in my early twenties. I worked with the family and spent some of my time at Balmoral and a Christmas at Sandringham.  I had a work pass for the side door at Buckingham Palace and I regularly used the post office at Windsor Castle so bumping into family members wasn't unheard of however my following memory is my most special! 

As one would imagine I always dressed smartly within the royal households yet one summer whilst away at Balmoral I spent much of my time in my outside gear, namely trainers and wellies!  One morning, I got up early for a run through the beautiful Balmoral estate. By mid-morning I was asked to accompany one of the family members for a bike ride up and down the rolling hills of the Aberdeenshire countryside, peddling hard up and free wheeling down the other side, we laughed alot together and the freedom was felt as we didn't leave the boundaries of the estate so we didn't have to be followed by a PPO.

Once we were finished we popped the bikes back and decided to go for a little stroll to cool off. I quite frankly looked like a "perspiring mess" walking across the beautiful manicured Royal garden.   If I remember correctly the garden is rather sacred, its a place that the family and their guests could feel free to roam so I was very honoured to be there. As I approached the castle a silhouette of this small, elderly lady, wearing a head scarf could be seen.  I do not remember if she walked with a stick then but I can visualise a couple of Corgis circling her legs.

I braced myself for an introduction, to which I did my best ever curtsey, greeted her with "Good Morning Your Majesty"  and waited to be, possibly,  addressed further. I had always been told to make myself scarce if possible in order to be respectful of The Queen in her own surroundings. There were lots of household tales of maids hiding in cupboards along the corridors just to give her the privacy she deserved! 

Her Majesty was told that we had both got back from a bicycle ride, which The Queen was very impressed by. She was then told that I had also been for a run earlier that morning to which The Queen replied: "My Dear, you sound awfully fit. All you need to do now is jump in the river Dee for a little swim and you will have completed a Triathlon today".  I nervously responded with "what a good idea Ma'am", a little timid giggle and then she pottered off with her beloved dogs.

We both did a quick clumsy ( speaking for myself only here!) curtsey and said "Good morning Your majesty"  and went on our merry way. Me, a little bit prouder, a little star struck and with my heart full to the brim of eternal love for our Monarch. 

I have a few more "in a nutshell" moments with her majesty that I shall share another time but for the now if you have any special moments to share please do comment... good stories are good for the soul!

Always remembered, never forgotten. RIP Queen Elizabeth II

With Love Charlotte xx 


Oct 18, 2022

What a wonderful memory to have and thank you for sharing it with us. I love your Instagram posts about your own household and the business – all very relatable. Thank you x

Liz Stenner

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