Memories Of Childhoods Gone By On A Garden Swing

The weather may be a little grizzly and a tad bit windy but the evenings are certainly lighter and hanging in our gardens with friends never seemed so appealing. After a tricky 12 months, life is seemingly on the up.  

There is no better way to enjoy your garden in my eyes than swinging leisurely on a swing- taking in the fresh air and the sun beams on your face and perhaps a delicious tipple in hand. You see a swing is not just for children, it is glorious way to conjure up childhood memories. It transports you to the times where you felt giddy in your tummy, where there were no worries and where time wasn't so precious. 

I remember swinging and shouting "higher ,higher" as it just never seemed like I was being pushed hard enough. I remember the "topsy turvy" tummy feeling and that split second of worrying about the falling feeling. I reminisce about the pure JOY I experienced and the shrills I used to make. The queues I used to stand in for just "one more time" in the local park. 

If you can, transport yourself back to those simpler times. Can you remember those feelings of Joy?

Oak Swing

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Sending Love, Charlotte xxx


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