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Looking after your oak chopping board

Looking after your oak chopping board

We adore our oak chopping boards and we know when you receive yours you do too. When they arrive with you it’s almost too good to be true. They are so heavy and solid, soft to touch and all fresh and warm in colour.  Over time their charm will live on, they will gain character in form of knife marks, burn marks, water marks and will start to show signs of usage and age. Roll with the bumps and grazes along the way and you will have your very own unique chopping board.

I get so many questions from customers about how to restore their oak chopping boards to it’s former glory or how should they be looked after to ensure it is a chopping board of beauty for many years to come. Whether you prefer the ‘well used’ look or a ‘pristine’ oak chopping board it is best practise to look after your wooden chopping board with a little TLC.

Our chopping boards arrive with a small care sheet. In order to keep your chopping board in best condition we advise against immersing it in water, avoid considerable changes in temperatures and to avoid black marks do not place aluminium or soft metals on them.  

Should you get unsightly marks on them then a light sand with a fine grit sandpaper will help remove the marks. Always do this with the grain so not to create excess scratch marks. Then apply a food safe oil ( we use mineral oil) using a clean cloth to increase its longevity and increase it's lifespan. 
Another way to increase the life of your board is by turning it over from time to time to avoid it cupping and loosing shape.  Your chopping board is made from several pieces of oak that are glued together to increase its strength and reduce cupping.

There is a little saying: 
"Oil it once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and then once a year for the rest of your life.”

Follow this and your board will owe you nothing! Any further questions please contact me. You can buy your oil here

Sending you an "oil" lot of love , Charlotte xx 



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