Self Feeding Fire- Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Nights Feast!


With a heat wave set to be with us over the next week ( have I read that correctly or dod I dream it?) and with the summer holibobs upon us I thought Id share a little outside living creation with with you.

Rewind to the summer of 2018, I was forty that summer and had a festival birthday party planned. A weekend of good food, alcohol, the best friends a live band and dancing into the early hours. I never thought it would be featured on Tv until I was asked to take part in Channel 4's Jimmy & Jamies Friday Night Feats DIY build. 

I was sent to Jimmy's Farm in Ipswich to meet the man himself and build a self feeding fire which we could recreate at my part and serve the most gorgeous veggie chilli to all our guests on the first night of the weekend along side a cool film crew!   

So if you are stuck for something to do over the next few weeks I would highly recommend this ( instructions below)... and for the delicious chilli recipe click here! 

Sadly it was served on a rustic wooden board...but not one of ours!  Damn why did I miss out on the opportunity to gift a gorgeous oak chopping board and a salt and pepper pinch? Those that know me will realise I wont make that mistake twice! 

 Let me know how you get on, Love Charlotte x 





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