My new found love of shooting and our popular Shot Glass Trays!

So last weekend we finished our first season "beating" as a family on a small local shoot. We learnt the ropes pretty quickly and we were mega impressed with children's determination across the tough terrain, their social skills and their behaviour. Needless to say we are looking forward to next season.  

Over the season there have been many other people out and about shooting and our Shot Glass Trays have proved to be one of our most popular products this season.  They come in two sizes, together with either 6 or 12 glasses. The solid oak tray has rounded ends to make it easy to hold and the glasses sit in a little well so that they won't topple over. The shot glass tray comes with an option of peg numbers (up to 12) perfect for "drawing pegs". ( The peg is the ground marker that you will stand by with your gun during the drive). Our product takes the novel idea of drinking a shot from the glass and seeing which number is underneath your glass.

The ability to engrave our product can make it a really special addition to the shoot and perhaps a perfect Thankyou. You can be rather witty with your inscription- "Double Barrel" - "Single Shot" or "Down The Hatch" or alternately personalise with the name of the shoot, farm or estate.

Personalised shot glass trayApres ski shot glass tray






The shot glass trays are great for all manner of sports; Hunt's men and women may well enjoy a shot of sloe gin to warm their cockles before a day's mount.  Obviously, drinking shots doesn't have to just be confined to the country folk; Apres ski can be made all the more enjoyable and fun with a shot or two and the 19th hole of the golf course could be the perfect accompaniment.  Basically there are no rules for our beautiful oak shot glass trays, whether you shout it out as a gift or for an 18th or 21st or buy it for yourself, "just because",  it will be a well loved piece of kit for many years.

To purchase your very own oak Shot Glass Tray please shop here and with special thank to those that have read my little blog please accept my gift of a 5% discount. Use the Code: DOWNTHEHATCH


Many thanks and bottoms up x Charlotte 




Obviously drinking shots

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