A little late to the party...but 2018 lets be having you!!

Ok,  so I didn’t make it in time for the January blog, the one where I wish you a Happy new year, tell your of all my hopes and dreams, my resolutions, tell you how incredibly productive I am going to be in 2018 and how I will be skinny and wonderful in time for summer and my business will have taken to new shiny heights. Instead I am here to tell you its February, I barely sat at my desk in January in fact I achieved very little in terms of business production. I fell off  the “Dry Jan” wagon, never really got started with my clean eating and although sales were good I didn’t eally do much too generate them, which in turn will come and bite me in the backside I am sure…

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However do you know what?  I didn’t give up or throw the towel in just because January was passing me by;  I had good tidy up of the house and got on top of all my daily chores. I helped bring a litter of puppies into this world and spent many a moment just staring at them and my beautiful Labrador thinking how wonderful the circle of life is. I wrote numerous lists, got my head around slightly healthier eating patterns for the longevity and went to bed early. A Lot! I had some nights out with friends, some nights in with my hubby and played games with my children. And now and only now am I ready to take on the year ahead….So a little late to the party lets be having you 2018…or what’s left of you!!!


I'm sure I am not alone, please re-assure me I'm not and feel comforted in the fact that neither are you! You really will know when you are ready!!!..... Charlotte xxxx





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