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Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Shopping for Sam is the worst! I genuinely have the loveliest intentions every year to get him the perfect present... then I start looking and I really struggle. I really think men are the most impossible to buy for - even though they would totally disagree.

So, if you have a man knocking around, and are stuck for solutions, then let me help you out with my five great gifts for guys.

  • A bits and bobs bowl Where are the keys?  That question is the bane of my life!  Give them a designated drop off spot, along with the other paraphernalia that he drags out of his pockets; coins, mints, phone, receipts, golf teas and screws! Personalise it however you wish or use one of our favourite engravings.
  • A tablet charging block. This is such a brilliant invention. A chunky oak iPad or tablet stand with his name on it. A great place to charge his iPad, with hole underneath for the cable. It looks cool by the bed, on his dask or in the kitchen and hell never misplace his iPad agin! (yeah right!!)

  • A welly boot rack. Keep the mud outside where it belongs with this welly storage. Whether you choose a small rack just for him or a larger one for the whole family, the wellies are stored upside down, allowing them to dry off and stay fresh. Well, as fresh as wellies can be expected to be
  • A shot glass tray. The best on the market by far! This solid oak shot glass tray is the most beautiful piece of kit. With glasses included and the practicality of being able to hold it from both ends, this is a serious investment piece. Perfect for après ski or dinner parties when we allowed to celebrate during normal life and great for shoot parties too.  Personalise it with a memorable occasion and present it with a bottle of spirit to celebrate
  • A bottle Opener. These I s such a simple designate such useful one too.   They look incredible on the wall, next to the fridge or outside by the Bbq area. choose from BEER , OPEN HERE or choose your won personalisation for a real special and unique gift! 

I hope that this gift edit helps you and gives you some gift inspiration when buying for those cheeky chaps in your life. Head to the Home Bar Collection before you head off elsewhere!! 

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products then please head on over to the contact page and I’d love to help.



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