A Thankyou For Your Shooting Host

With the pheasant shooting season coming to the end on the 1st February you may be starting to think about purchasing a special gift for your host or perhaps you had such an amazing time this season and really want to show how much you appreciate all the hard work your game keeper does.

Our Shot Glass Trays and Shot Glass Peg Trays are such a fabulous addition to any shoot. The Shot Glass Peg Trays also have the added addition of the peg number discs underneath the glasses which offer and ingenious way to select your peg for the days shooting. Each person enjoys their shot and reveals their peg number on lifting the glass.

The Peg Boards look great engraved with the name of the shoot, farm or estate and will be a welcome addition to any shooting lunch or dinner.  What a delicious way, paired with slow gin, to start your day out in the great British countryside! Then re-use it again after your shooting lunch with a rich port to finish.

The shot to keep your barrels hot!! Shot Glass Peg Tray

Charlotte x



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