Sunday 6th March 2016 will mark mothers day this year.  Im not one to give in to what my husband calls "Americanism's" but I do love to show my own Mum how much I love her and appreciate everything she has done and does for me and my 'mini me's.'  I would be lying if I said I didn't like it when my own children, with the help of my darling husband, show me that they love me and think about me too!
A personalised gift is for sure a fabulous way to show your mum or your wife / partner   (from your children ) how much she means to you and how fabulous she really is. All of our products at From the Oak Tree can be personalised and made with your Mum/ Mummy / Mother in mind. Use the inscription to tell her how much you love her and be as creative as you like!!!

Personally I would like to be on the receiving end of the following products- engraved with something especially from my children, engraved and unique to us;  breadboard a keeping tidy rack , a bits & bobs bowl and the egg rack, but what would you or your own Mum like??

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