My Name Is Charlotte and I am a Bridgewaterholic

There I said it.  It's out now. For those of you that don't know me I have a slight obsession with Emma Bridgewater pottery!  It started in 2004 when Sam and I spent the afternoon with a zapper in John Lewis choosing things to go on our wedding list.  We fell love with the polka dot design and decided to pop some lovely pieces on our list...and when we tied the knot in the December we were lucky enough to receive some of these pieces....I can still tell you who gifted what and each piece is as beautiful and as special as the next one.

I started mixing and matching, once I read Emma's story about loving an eclectic mix of designs around her own table. We now own of a vast variety of colourful pinks, rose and bee, blue stars, red stars, joy, dogs, dancing mice an the list goes on.  I can't help but follow the links when she kindly emails me to tell me whats for sale, what's new and what has been especially picked for me ( or so I believe).  Sometimes I fill my basket with so many gorgeous pieces it would be rude not to press go!

Emma Bridgewater and From The Oak Tree

Ive been known to hide the boxes but Sam on the whole is pretty easy going  and often receives beautiful pottery for fathers days, christmas,  valentines day  and his birthday, poor Thing!! Perhaps one day From The Oak Tree will have a following off wonderfully obsessive people who are desperate to fill their own houses with our wooden charms!!

You'll see Emma B features in a lot of our pictures which is why I felt the need to introduce our own piece to accomodate the pottery its self.  Our Nuts and Nibbles bowls fit the fluted bowls in perfectly but does also look fabulous without them!!

Please do take around our site and let us know if you can think of any other pieces that would complement my favourite pottery brand too!!!

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