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Garden Swings Offer More Than Just Lots Of Fun

Garden Swings Offer More Than Just Lots Of Fun

Can you remember that funny feeling in your tummy when you used to play on an old-fashioned swing? Can you remember, back in the day, demanding you were pushed and shouting "higher, higher" to who ever would listen over and over again?
The old fashioned swing conjures up so many wonderful memories for so many people and you will be pleased to hear that there still aren’t many children who don’t like swinging on a garden swing. In fact there also aren’t many adults who don’t enjoy re-living their childhood sat on a swing. It’s fun whatever age you are. There is genuinely nothing more freeing than swinging through the air, no matter your age.  
But, swinging offers more than just good old-fashioned fun.  Studies have shown there are some significant emotional, physical and social benefits to swinging on a garden swing.
A garden swing can really encourage and improve social interaction. Children can learn to resolve conflict by working together and taking turns. They can push one another and social interaction can form a large part of their play experience.
As the obesity rate is growing through increased screen time and busier lives, gone are the days of children being able to freely explore the open outdoors. Swinging can get children moving and using different muscle groups, stretching and strengthening them, burning calories and increasing fitness levels.
Not only does a swing release excess energy, it also has a direct effect on how we feel. The increased exposure to vitamin D in the form of daylight is  highly beneficial to our mental wellbeing and building strong bones and brain development. It is also said that swinging increases children's sleep.  Not only because of the fresh air aspect but the spinning motion produced by regular swinging helps to balance neurological activity in the brain which, in turn, helps us sleep well.  Sleeping patterns are much more regular as the back and forth swinging motion helps to settle brain activity and makes it easier for them to drift off into a restful deep sleep.

So garden swings are not only great fun -  swinging on a garden swing has some serious health benefits- improving both physical, social, emotional and health and wellbeing which makes swinging something we should all do a little more often!

If you would like more information about the health benefits of a garden swing of you would like to see our solid oak garden swings please follow this link.
Have a lovely day and get out in the garden and swing into summer!
Love Charlotte x

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