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The Dirty faces From Behind The Oak Tree

The Dirty faces From Behind The Oak Tree

We are Charlotte and Sam and together we make up the partnership from Behind The Oak Tree. We have been married for nearly 16 years ( but it feels like a life time after meeting at University). We created the four most wonderfully crazy, gorgeous and pretty cheeky human beings and are living in the midst of a on-going, life long renovation project- and we love it!

Currently during the Corona pandemic you will find me mostly pulling my hair out juggling home schooling, zoom meetings, emails, marketing and as a judicator in the kids boxing ring and by night you'll find me chasing my tail; sanding, oiling, packing orders and falling into bed.

Sam's day is pretty much the same although now he juggles his full time oak framing business and employees whilst creating all of our lovely oak products along side. You don't tend to find him oiling but I'll let him off as he regularly looks like he needs another pair of hands...or a broom...you get the jist!

We are both pretty extroverted ( although i feel in my latter years i've been perfectly happy with my own company and thoughts but I do love a good blow out from time to time. Who doesn't hey?)  I can't wait to get our house full of all our buddies, good chats, laughter, delicious food a little tipple, falling into and  afterwards happy and merry. 

We both love to get down and dirty in a good old mud run, Sam loves a mud bath on the rugby pitch and I just like the bar afterwards! I love riding our horse, we all love to ski and we love getting out and about jumping in muddy puddles.

From The Oak Tree  has been such a great addition to our family lives. It brings so much joy to so many people.  I can't actually believe how our beautifully simple oak gifts look so bloomin' gorgeous once engraved, sanded and oiled. It makes me squeal with delight to think that our hand finished products evoke those wonderfully positive feelings in our customers too.     It's true what they say- small business owners do a little happy dance when they receive an order although I actually do an enormous bum wiggle!

Please do take a look at our products and browse our collections- we cant wait to bring you joy too!

Love Charlotte & Sam 



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