Rest In Peace Orland Dixie. An obituary

For the last nearly 13 years I have had to compete with another woman for Sam's attention but this time last week we had to say a sad farewell to our beautiful chocolate friend"

An Obituary:

Known to the Kennel Club as Orlando Dixie you came to us as an 8 week old puppy and have added much sparkle, mud and barks to our lives. Our chocolate drop, with otter feet and the most beautiful nature has been set free to chase rabbits in the sky.

Bentley you were the most simply amazing specimen of a Labrador ever.  You were living proof that chocolate Labradors didn't have to be crazy but could be calm, loving and above all so incredibly intelligent. You graced our wedding with your licks, greeted each of our four babies with a sniff, were always keen to collect pigeons and would sit the length of a football pitch when told. Camping trips were so easy with you by our side, walks were made more enjoyable and cuddles were immeasurable.  You aged gracefully and in the latter year enjoyed nothing more than a short stroll and early tea and a bed in-front of the fire! 

 We are proud of what you were - you have left paw prints on our hearts and an amazing legacy behind.  So many of our beautiful friends have their best friends because of you. You always were a legend and your nature will live on through all of your four legged pups.

Bentley, life without you will seem very different and we miss you so much already xxxx

8th May 2004 - 4th January 2017


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