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Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

School holidays always seem to come round all too quickly especially when you are a working mummy with four children, two business, 5 dogs and a large renovation project but this one really couldn't have come soon enough. After nearly a year of trading with From The Oak Tree we were well and truly ready to re-charge just in time for the (fingres crossed) festive rush ahead if us.

So, we headed south, to Devon.  We enjoyed a weekend with some really old friends   (not age just the length of time we have known them! :)) How times have changed; we used to spend much of our weekend with endless cheap beers, long lie-ins and very late nights. This weekend was spent enjoying good food and wine, trying out the range of tractors, diggers and amazing machines that was Digggerlnd and supporting the lovely Ells Bells running a half marathon. It was the best beginning to our break we could have wished for.   I can't imagine they would want us to recommend their gaff, just in case you all flocked to north Devon to "Chez Yeo" so instead of highly recommending them as hosts we definitely can't recommend Diggerland enough!!! 

After a lovely lazy Monday morning walk and saying our goodbyes we set off on our leisurely drive to the South Hams in Devon, we found our way through many winding roads to Swallows Flight.  An incredible farm house with some old barns a converted barn, beautiful grounds a hot tub and a “Air Stream” caravan we would call home for the next few days. The sun shone and we set on our adventure with camping style living in the autumn sunshine, recharging our batteries and enjoy some good wholesome family fun.

We played rugger on the beach, enjoyed fish and chips by the sea, caught crabs, made sand castles, enjoyed leisurely soaks in the hot tub, family stories and fire pits.  Life back at home was a dream away and our engines were well and truly charging.  

From The Oak Tree was left to its own devices for a week and I feel proud that we were able to let the online store do its own thing whilst we had our little family break. After all, we work to live don’t we?  Although, it feels good to be sat at my desk as I am generally very happy to live to work and play as I really do love my job!!!

Oct 27, 2016

Lovely blog! Less of the old! Still miss our late nights and long lie ins too! We so loved seeing team ‘Oak Tree’ and are so glad you had a fab holiday. Love to all, Els Bells X

Els Bells

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