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To Inspire Is To...

To Inspire Is To...

I've been working on my marketing this morning and trying to set up my handmade on amazon profile and it set me off on a tangent when it asked “what inspires you?”. I was left wondering if my answer was supposed to be relevant and related to From The Oak tree or if it meant generally.  

And so, I started to day dream...or procastinate ( whatever one would like to label it.)

I find inspiration in the everyday. What we each experience in our everyday lives makes us who we are and that is amazing. I am fascinated by relationships of all types –happy ones, complicated ones, unusual ones.  I enjoy the challenge of communicating and love making new relationships.  Each of these relationships inspires me to be...well me. The BEST me possible.

I often leave a conversation and analyse it (one of my mahoosive down falls and something I spend far too much time worrying about) but in finding a positive, I feel that upon reflection I am helped and inspired to be kinder, more hardworking and a more thoughtful person. I do in turn hope that sometimes I have the opportunity to inspire friends and people I meet- not in order to improve them but to encourage them to chase their dreams as well.

Much of my From the Oak Tree inspiration not only comes from those who I already know but those I would love to get to know either for the long haul or just in that instance whilst we work together to create that special and most perfect oak gift.

It would be remiss of me to conclude this little blog without mentioning the two biggest relationships I have that inspire me...

Sam, my husband has an amazing ability to just "get on" and "get stuff done". When the day is over he has the capability to switch off and "shelf" what is on his mind in order to finish his working day, get a little "me" time and relax.  He motivates me to be work hard and play harder. He helps me to realise we can achieve all of our dreams...together!

Lastly but probably most importantly our four gorgeous children inspire me. They inspire me to be the best mummy I can. They fill me with the urge and the ability to be kind and gentle and energise me way more than I ever thought possible. They are the reason I jump out of bed each day, the last things on my mind as I go to sleep each night and they put the smiles in my every day - even when the chips are down. They are my inspiration to be the best "me" I possibly can!  Without them and their inspiration From The Oak Tree would still be a pipe dream...

I would love to here what inspires you? Is it a relationship or a dream or something quite different? 

All the best and remember "wake up and smell the inspiration!!"


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