How To Oil Your Chopping Boards

We often get asked how people can look after their beautiful oak gifts and keep them looking pristine for as long as possible. The magic is in the oiling. 

Before our products leave us they are are treated with 2 coats of food safe and nut free mineral oil before leaving our workshop.  The mineral oil is a wet oil and dries without the sheen of some other oils and offers a natural look, its perfect for things like chopping boards and kitchen products because it offers a non-toxic, non smelling finish which is completely food safe.  

However if you would prefer an oil a closer to hand and have no allergy towards a nut of vegetable oil feel free to use. These will offer a protective cover =, similar to the mineral oil. but may carry a slight smell. Owe would recommend olive oil or rape seed oil which are perfect for carving boards!!!

Our advise is to re oil your product every week for a month and then once a year.  

There is a little saying: 
"Oil it once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and then once a year for the rest of your life.”

With regards to general every day care- try to avoid emerging your board in water - wash it with warm soapy water, store it on a flat surface to avoid movement and do not subject the board to significant changes in temperature.

If you would like any more information with regards to treating your oak gift feel free to drop me a all know I love to chat!!!

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