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Don't forget the Teachers...

What a year (and ¾) it’s been! This week I’ve been doing some reflection and one conclusion I’ve come to is that I’m very grateful for the stability and consistency that school and my kids’ teachers have given us as a family; a friendly, smiling face to greet them every day, routine, structure and familiarity, not to mention the normality of seeing their friends. Let’s not forget those special people who, in these challenging times, have gone above and beyond. A class teacher, teaching assistant, form tutor, key worker at nursery, pre school assistant – the list is almost endless…

Some of my close friends are in teaching and I know from them that the ‘personal touch’ is what truly makes a gift special. Why not gift one of our wooden bookmarks, made extra special with a personalised message, to be used in school for keeping track of the current class story or at home for some much needed and deserved down time?

Or a mini bits and bobs bowl inscribed with your favorite teacher’s  name for those stray items in the classroom? A tea and biscuits board for those precious 5 minutes at breaktime? 


Perhaps a tablet charging block sat on his/her desk in the classroom or for the all important home schooling we are all so familiar with. 

Lastly, if like some people I know, you have an amazing class rep, why not join forces to give a joint from the whole class like our ultimate oak tidy rack or chopping board!

        Oak Chopping Board

Don't forget that if you want something personalised allow a little extra time- please do contact me with any queries, I'm always happy to help and I want you to give the best teacher gifts ever!

Love Charlotte x


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