Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime!

Who's getting married in the morning?

Well, we have the perfect gift and we are getting so many lovely, exciting orders and enquiries for Oak Chopping Boards for wedding gifts.

Really there is no other gift like it- a personalised board on display for the rest of their years together. The recipe for marital bliss...this long lasting oak gift that will improve with age, just like marriage. 

Many people these days ask for gifts from wedding list or  money but if you feel uncomfortable then a chopping board, engraved with a message, the couples name or date will be a welcomed addition for sure and you will feel a whole lot better about your gift!!

We have something for everyones price range...The Mini Board is perfect for initials and a date.  The Small Board will fit names and of course the date, The Standard Board a little more and the larger boards will fit a a variety of inscription.  Perfect to match everyones budget. 

If you need help with deciding in inscription, don't feel alone, give me a call:              Tel: 01664 650075, I love talking shop and more importantly weddings so a call and make my day!!

Here's wishing all those lovely brides and grooms out there a beautiful day and life full of health, wealth and happiness x

Charlotte xx


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