News's a Country Living Life!

Pony Club, Hampshire circa 1992. Coach trip to Badminton Horse trials.  A jam packed day out, walking the course, being in awe of the speed and the heights the riders and their horses could achieve and claiming that one day I would be there....( I said the same thing when I visited the Metropolitan Mounted Police on a similar trip!!). 

So this year, 2016, I will finally be returning...still not on horse back, however, but on my bike, peddling our little oak wares.  I am so excited that I could burst!!  Not quite being on board a 17:2 handsome gelding but I am most certainly proud of what my stallion has achieved...(I know, I know, pass the sick bucket, pun intended!!)

Since starting Trading in November 2015,  after trading online and building up an online presence we have been asked to attend a variety of Country Living events.  We have worked hard to create a feel that they approve of and are excited that we will be one of the chosen exhibitors this year in the Country Living Tent at Badminton Horse Trials.  The Tent is pitched just off Beaufort Way, next to the Bank and adjacent to the Mark Todd Big Screen and our trade Stand 43 is the first exhibit on left of the left hand entrance.

Please, please come and say hi- a friendly face will most certainly get us over the first hurdle and will be just what we need during, what is likely to be, a fun filled, tiring and hopefully busy week.

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