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How To Look After Your Oak Chopping Board.

Once you have your beautiful, solid oak, personalised, engraved chopping board in your arms how should you look after it...I hear you ask?!  Here at From The Oak Tree we use mineral oil to treat our oak chopping boards as it is naturally nut free and food safe and it is also kind to our bodies too.  You can purchase mineral oil for the majority of hardware stores and many chemists too and it will keep your hands even softer than your oak board.  

There is an old saying about the how often you should treat your board:   "Oil it once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year and once a year, there after..."  

Basically, the more you oil your oak chopping board the longer it will look new and will handle food products.  A solid Oak board will of course be around for many generations; it will probably out live you and your grandchildren but through regular treatment and care your board will look more pristine and aesthetically pleasing.  Oiling your board will also help the oak board to keep naturally clean and help it to steer clear of picking up odours from a variety of foods.  As the oak chopping board is a natural product, it is likely to stain, depending on the foods that are put on it.  A light sand and coating of oil can improve its appearance and get it looking as good as new!!

Enjoy your Oak Chopping board and give it the care it deserves, after all it will be around to serve you for many many years to come!

From the Oak Tree sells a variety of sizes in hand made Oak chopping boards but we are happy to discuss your own individual requires should you wish a bespoke board to be made.  All products can be personalised and engraved with your own words and inscription.

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