Today is happy day!

Today is a good day!  We have been eating clean for the last two weeks, lost some of the excess christmas podge already and my skin is feeling good.  I'm getting up early for a little me time every day, time for exercise, a chance to plan the day and sort the house before I have to drag four little 'grumpy mumpy's' of bed ( Here at the Willows' we are definitely NOT morning people!)  
The children are on pretty good form, by limiting their sugar, in turn their behaviour has improved!  They are happy to help each other, they are desperate to play each others games and keen to talk about their days happenings. Happy children = Happy parents = Happy house!!!
What else is making me happy?  Well the house is clean and tidy, I'm not slaving away but things are generally in their places and we are all trying hard to clean up after ourselves.  The building work is coming along ( poor Sam, he does that whilst he is supposed to be sleeping!) The main business, Hortus Ligneous is ticking along nicely and all the staff seem happy too.  Products From the oak tree are being well received and we have positive comments daily about our oak gifts...who wouldn't be happy with that!!
Whilst pondering over my happy, positive feeling today I realise how incredibly lucky we are with our friends and family.  You can't choose family, but I would pick ours any-day and I think we have been extremly lucky to have picked up our friends along the way!! The oldest friends are like fine wine, they just get better with age. Time spent with them may be more sparse these days but the memories serve us for such a long time.  Even our university pals are becoming a little vintage and minutes spent together is better than therapy!!  
Then there are the local mates, made through having young children and work. Although the friendships are hot off the press, we all have so much in common and are lucky enough to spend special times and some of the most precious moments of our lives with them as and when they are happening.  
Our friends are awesome, too many to name.  Each, individual. Similar to snowflakes; all different and all beautiful, and we are just grateful that our paths have crossed.

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Aug 16, 2016

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