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/Users/Charlotte/Documents/Claudia From The Oak Tree.movEveryday like many millions of people I check my emails several times.  I trail through endless junk mails, newsletters from online stores that tempt me, work emails and my favourite ones from friends and family ( actually I'm slightly partial to the ones from From The Oak Tree telling me I have a sale too!! )  However the one's that make me smile the most are the ones from Claudie ( our daughter!) 

 Ok, so we gave in to her and her need ( her words not ours)  for an iPad and helped her on her 9th birthday, along with other generous family and friends to get her very own iPad mini.  Its been worth it's weight in gold already; helping her for homework, freeing up our devices that we need for work, keeping her in the know with current music, and of course the usual entertainment through apps and well monitored you tube! No need to panic though, Claudia also loves to play, I mean really play with REAL toys.  She has a vivid imagination and still, at 9, loves to role play with her babies and siblings.  She also is very creative and loves all things art, recently teaching herself to knit. 

Anyway...back to emails.  Claudia had been at home all day today feeling rotten, the type of ill that requires you to do a lot of nothing but bed is a step too far ( soft mummy I hear you cry). When I sat at my desk this afternoon, my emails started to ping through and one name appeared that made me smile. Claudia. I sifted through all the other emails, binning them, saving them and responding and saved this little gem to last.  In fact who really knew it was a little gem- she uses email to communicate her many manner of moods to me; I receive emoticons (happy, sad, weird and wonderful), photos (memories and ones Id rather forget.  The Looser sign springs to mind) , I get told how wonderful I am as a mummy ( honestly) and also how terrible I am as a mummy ( honestly!).  Sometimes all of these are recieved within minutes!!   

So this email was still sitting, waiting.  It was a movie- just for me, just for us! A trailer in fact. Showing her whole family and From the Oak Tree; telling us a story, I suppose, of how our new venture fits in with family life, through the eyes of a "tweeny" (thats somewhere between 8-12!!). Impressed! Proud! What a fab interpretation of our reasons!!!


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