Standard Oak Garden Swing Outlet

£135.00 £145.00

Our Personalised Oak Garden Swings are a great way to relax, unwind and waste away those lazy summer days.   This handmade wooden garden tree swing will have you aiming high, whatever the weather. Choose between FLYING WITHOUT WINGS and SWING LOW.

These swings are surplus to requirements and storage and are not damaged. Products brought from the OUTLET collection are non-returnable.

50 x 16 x 5cm

All swings come with 6 meters of 18mm natural manila rope on each side (12m in total).  Rope clamps are also available.

NOTE: It is the customers responsibility  to hang the swing correctly.  Please ensure that you have fixed the rope and swing safety and securely from a tree or swing frame before you attempt to swing on it.  From The Oak Tree can not take responsibility for poor fitting.