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Oak Door Stop

Our solid Green oak chunky oak door stops are so characterful they will look nice in any home, holding open a door. They are so heavy that they will stop doors slamming in a gust of wind. engraved wooden doorstops are lovingly hand-crafted from English oak beams. We carefully select our favourite pieces with elegant cracks and pretty knots – one with beautiful character, full of natural beauty.

We clean them up until they gleam but they still keep their very rustic look, like you have owned them for years.

A solid oak doorstop with a manila rope handle. Personalise with your own choice of words... name of house, family name or simply DOORSTOP

A truly practical gift that will go down a storm with, we believe, any home owner.. .... it is functional, personal and unique, contemporary yet timeless. It has been particularly popular as a 'new home' gift as well as a much loved birthday and christmas gift.

It is made from solid green oak and has great substance to it and will certainly hold any door open.

You can personalise 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides. All the engraving is hand engraved in capital letters in our workshop in Kent
made from:

We use 'green oak' to make these doorstops, the same grade that is used to build timber framed buildings. Green oak is not completely seasoned, therefore there are varying degrees of cracks in these blocks. This is all in character with the wood. It is similar to that of the ageing process of oak beams and is part of the natural beauty of the wood. The cracks can change over time as the wood reaches equilibrium with its environment. Very often they close up when the moisture of the core of the blocks is equalised with its surroundings, however there is no guarantee of this.

Blocks of these sizes can not be dried/kilned without cracks developing. If you do not like this look, we suggest another product of smaller dimensions where we use super prime kiln dried oak, which should not crack. The cracks will not affect the function of the doorstop and the handle will stay secure.

14 x 14 x 23 cm (43 cm high including the rope). It weighs about 4kg.

When we set to work transforming these character beams, you can probably imagine, they are rough sawn and dull in colour – you really get a great indication of what the end result will look like.

We sand then several times, using finer grades of sand paper as we go, we chamfer the edges, straighten them up top and bottom to make sure they stand up straight. It takes time and care.

Even though these chunky wooden doorstops are split and cracked and give the impression they are going to be rough to touch, but you will be amazed how smooth they are. We hand sand the finial finish – pre oiling, as we do with all of our wooden gifts until they are silky smooth.