Outlet Specials

For limited time only we have a small selection of solid oak gifts ready to leave the stock room that are all made from beautiful solid oak and are engraved with  a range of different and words that do not feature in our general collections.  These are all of first condition but are just surplus to our stock requirements. 

We love to be on the road, peddling our oak wares all over the Uk where we take a whole range of oak gifts engraved with a huge array of engraving and words many of which would would need to pay an extra engraving fee in the main collections- call it a little treat for seeing us at our pop up's in person. However I realise it's not always possible to get to us and over time I'm also finding it harder to get out on the road so I've brought all my so specials directly to you!!  An outlet collection full to brimming with a whole range of engraved goodies!